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la libertà. An Italian expression for liberty and freedom.

Liberta Moto was founded by lack of comfortable and functional motorcycle clothing for women. Not to mention colours or design. Massively produced motorcycle products do not justify the need of classic and cafe racer stye products.

We always aim to create high quality motorcycle products that offer a unique style, functionality, and protection. Being a small business, it is also essential to provide an exceptional customer service and that’s what we do.

Liberta Moto has a limited number of products and produce them in small quantities, thus maintaining the best possible quality. Our gear is designed and developed in Australia in collaboration with a professional in the racing industry. In other words, you’re in good hands.

We’re proud to create products that not only protect you but helps you ride with confidence. Feel the open roads and stay connected with other fellow riders.


Our promise is to make products that are made in a sustainable and ethical way. We choose only reliable and trustworthy manufacturers who use good quality materials to ensure the perfect outcome. Our chosen leathers are obtained from ethical sources and processed at our manufacturer’s facilities, which ensures the highest quality of the final product. The leathers we use are high grade hides that are dyed with organic dyes rather than nasty chemicals or spray painted. You will be amazed by the moment you smell, touch, and feel of our products.

We use packaging that is reusable, recyclable or made from recycled materials where possible. Protecting your purchase and the environment is made simple thanks to your support. And above all, thank you for joining the ride and supporting our small Australian brand.

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Pretty Important


“As soon as I placed the order she had it posted, and my gloves arrived today - 2 and a half business days later. That is quite something. :-). My gloves fit well, and are SO soft. Can't wait to go riding and try them out - my bike is with the mechanic, so hopefully this coming weekend. Thanks a lot!! I have searched high and low to find nice leather gloves for summer that actually fit my hand!”

Yolande Nelson

“OMG how bloody good is this Jacket. So soft and such a good fit. Loved the extra little nano coating gift. And it was packaged and box with love. Much appreciated.”

Leigh Jacobs

"I absolutely love my LibertaMoto Gloves.The set of gloves that I got beat pricing and quality over some $100+ gloves I've owned in the past. It's nice to have secure feeling when riding, without having to pay a premium price. The ability to tap and use your phone with the gloves on is a nice addition. Highly recommend as you are supporting a great brand!"

Chuck Schmidt