Should I stay or should I ride?

Are you Coronavirus-proof?

Aren’t we all example citizens – watching the news every day, trying our best to interpret the confusing messaging from the government in order to comply with the daily changing regulations to control the world pandemic? For the motorbike riders probably the main question that hasn’t yet been clearly answered is  ‘is riding a motorcycle  a safe form of self-isolation?’. Is it safer if riding solo? Even safer if not stopping at café’s or petrol stations?

Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible
The legendary Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible.

Riding restrictions

The Australian government issued the newest restriction on ‘non-essential’ travel which basically means stay the f*** home, unless you need to buy some food, see a doctor, go to work or exercise. In other words – yes, it is safer to ride solo while not stopping at the café’s and petrol stations AS LONG AS you are riding to work, stock up on groceries or seeking medical assistance. Motorbike Writer has contacted the authorities to find out more whether you can or cannot go for a leisure riding. Check their article here.

A man riding a motorbike and covered with a plastic bag
No, this is not how you protect yourself from coronavirus

Responsible riding

If you are traveling to work, riding to buy groceries or going to see a medical specialist, here are essential tips on how to stay safe and healthy while riding a motorbike:

– The most important – don’t touch your face, your helmet, keys or gloves if you have used or touched something that has potentially been used by other people, for example a fuel pump at the servo – wash your hand first or use a hand-sanitiser.

– You’d think that wearing a helmet and gloves will protect you from the virus, but according to the health authorities a helmet doesn’t stop the virus like a special surgical mask. Click here to read about the most effective face masks and how to use them. 

– Gloves can carry the virus for a few days if you’ve touched contaminated surfaces. Wear disposable gloves where possible or even better wash your hands or use hand sanitiser frequently. Click here to find useful information about self care.

How to avoid infection or spreading the coronavirus
Infographic advise from the health authorities

What to do if you don’t have a valid reason for riding

It’s simple, in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus, we have to give up leisure riding for some time, unless it’s a necessary and essential travel. The sooner we all do it, the sooner the world will go back to normal. 

On the other hand, there are plenty of other  ways to reconnect with your two-wheeled bae while at home. Now is the best time to start doing all that you wanted to do a long time ago and never had the time or a chance to do it. Before you get to your garage and all the tools, here are some ideas:

– Clean and protect your bike properly – i.e. clean the chain and wheels, and don’t forget all the tight areas. Click here to watch on YouTube.

– Check all the fluids and replace if needed – brake, engine oil, coolant, etc.

Washing your motorcycle
Looks fun?

– Look after your motorcycle riding gear. Use only suitable products to clean and protect your leathers and boots. Watch this tutorial.

– Clean your helmet (s) inside out. Following care instructions remove and wash the inner padding. Clean helmet’s outside from all the dirt, dust and bugs. Again, on YouTube.

– Future proof your helmet – use a coating layer, like our Nano Coat, for helmet visor which helps to reduce the adherence of dirt, insects, bugs and rainwater. It will also make the surface maintenance much easier.

do not put your helmet in the dishwasher
No, you don’t put your helmet in the dishwasher. Watch YouTube to see how to clean it properly.

– What about finishing that bike job which has started in 2002? Or maybe it’s the time to start a new project?

– Plan your next trip when this is all over! Look up daily rides, over-night stays and trips, think about your gang that will be so thrilled to finally get out and ride their boredom away!

– Shop online and prepare to come out in a new fancy moto gear! Consider shopping with small local businesses as they need your support the most. As an exchange, many online shops now offer discounts, free shipping and gifts, so they can exist and come out at the other end of the tunnel. We are not an exception! USE this code SALE15 to shop on our website and get 15% off! Shop here.

If none of the above interests you, then download TIK TOK App, that will keep you busy for hours. Check out some of these:

Be healthy and stay safe!

Written by Liberta Moto



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