What if my leather gets wet

Hang it to dry slowly at room temperature.
Do NOT do the following:
- leave the leather in the direct sunlight, and
- attempt to speed up the natural drying process.

Both of these things will destroy the integrity of the leather.

My leathers are dry and cracking. What do I do to fix this?

Always use products specifically made for leather care and choose leather care solution that's made from all natural ingredients. Avoid coloured liquid as it will discolour the leather.

What if my leather gets dirty?

Use a damp cloth and avoid using soaps or adding citrus cleaning products to the water.
For stubborn stains, use leather conditioning treatments specifically designed to remove stains but not dye.


Do your products have a warranty?

Yes, we offer one year warranty for all out products.

What does your warranty cover?

Our warranty covers the product purchased by the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship. If the product fails during the warranty period due to manufacturing or material defects, we’ll either repair or replace at our own discretion.

What items are excluded from your warranty?

The following are not covered:
- Damages caused by accidents.
- Normal wear and tear damages*.
- Inappropriate use and maintenance of the product.
- Any form of alteration and modification of the product such as unauthorised repair.
- Sun damage or the natural breakdown of colours, structure, and material over time.
- User’s subjective assessments like comfort, fit, style etc.

*Our warranty only covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. It does NOT cover normal wear and tear. Wear and tear is damage that occurs naturally from normal use (marks from excessive rubbing on parts of a motorcycle, loss of colour, general deterioration of the materials and fabrics after repetitive motion over time). We advise purchasers to follow our care recommendations to help extend the life of your purchase; however, wear and tear is evitable.

How do I make a warranty claim?

Send us an e-mail with a claim at info@libertamoto.com and we will reply what to do next ASAP.


Who is responsible for duties & taxes?

All duties, fees  and taxes or any additional charges for customs clearance are customer’s responsibility.