The Sheilas Shakedown 2020 – Phoenix Park, Ballan VIC

In case you haven’t noticed, us ladies can throw a kick-arse shindig! 

Liberta Moto had the chance to be a part of a petrol-fueled event attracting a whole lot of rad women called Sheilas Shakedown. A two-day festival in a small town called Ballan, 80km northwest of Melbourne, transforming this quite camping  space at Phoenix Park into a full-swing two-wheeled-burnouts frenzy.

Organised by three ladies – Remmi Aloni, Jaz Andre and Riley Tyler, this event is a true epitome of female empowerment, women support each other and basically to show you a good old-fashioned good time! Actually, ‘good time’ was an understatement, it was WILD!

By midday, the campsite was filled with rumbling noise of motorcycles, chatter and laughter of these wonderful women. A bunch of sporting activities or known as “Sheila-lympics” were thrown at them, starting off with the “slowest wins the race” which involves operating their trusted steel-steed at the slowest speed as they possibly could, followed by the infamous wiener-catching where pillion has to basically bite a mouthful of dangling sausage while standing on the back of a slow moving bike.

Before you know it, nipples were freed and painted, skins were tattooed, and rubbers were burnt on a series of burnouts.

In the aftermath of Australia’s worst Bushfire, many are doing their best to help any way they could, including these magnificent human beings! Money were collected from the purchase of raffles ticket, and all proceeds will be donated into a bushfire relief to help those who are affected by the catastrophic bushfire.  Liberta Moto had the privilege to be a part of it, also to give one lucky lady our latest released Red Beetle Gloves. 

By sundown, the bands kicked off followed by 3 hours DJ Set by Throttle Moles and ends with disco in the Rave Cave until the wee hours of the morning! That was such a vibe!!

Not only we’ve met so many amazing people with interesting stories, we also had the chance to meet one badass vixen, Ivy Erlinger (@some.ivyprofen) who was involved in a crash on her way from Sydney. Despite her broken collar bone, not only she showed up to the event, but she was at all times high spirited – chatting, wandering about, dancing all night and just being a dead-set legend!

Thank you Sheilas Shakedown for having us. It’s very heart-warming to see the amount of support and love for our brand. The feedback has been nothing short of amazing. Massive shout out to the ladies from Moto Femmes and Nevermind Adventures. And a special one to Hightailhair and their awesome product – a special helmet pocket to keep your hair tangle free while you ride! That’s something we can totally get on board with!

To conclude what was by far the wildest, best all-female event we’ve ever been, we embarked on a 12-hours journey back to Sydney through one of the biggest storms in Australian history. To make it even more interesting, we came home to a house that has lost power and hot water! 

Photos by Liberta Moto

Written by Denise Widjaja



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